Month: Jan 2019

Month: Jan 2019

5 dealmaker skills in CRE
CRE Innovation
Which of these 5 CRE deal makers are you?

For CRE industry outsiders, here is how to evaluate your CRE professional. For CRE deal makers, this explains the “skills that pay the bills”. We unpack what competencies you need to master in order to win in this very competitive space.

PropTech Tips
Tech frustrations! Explicit or implicit bug, enhancement – why should you care?

Here we segment issues that users of tech encounter into their two families. Reading this will deliver efficiencies, in helping you identify whose neck to throttle. We then unpack tech’s various personas, and unpack how these personas interact with tech. Why? Some users are comfortable to live with innovative tech’s trade-offs, while others are decidedly not. Read this article to find out what your tech persona is.

Enterprise SaaS chart of pain
CRE Tech Investing
Enterprise SaaS chart of pain

A hopefully refreshing read (with supporting images and videos) for battle-hardened SaaS businessmen, new SaaS entrants and aspiring VCs alike. We answer the questions: “why is enterprise SaaS is so hard”, and “what can you expect on your average journey in this space”. We also sprinkle in some wise words from the dudes who know.