Upskilling in CRE

Navigation, finding data in Gmaven

Commercial property CRM – finding your data fast and easily

Your time is important and the “computer must do the work”. This information-rich video explains where info lives, and how you can efficiently access your data assets.

Where your info “lives”
  • Properties
  • Business and contacts
  • Deals
  • Leases
What your info looks like
  • List view
  • Grid view
  • Map view

For more info see this video: awesome client presentations

How to find your info
  • Quick navigate: lets you find individual data assets that you can name
    • Can find: property name, unit web ref, contact name, business name
    • Can’t find: properties by street address
  • Advanced filter: gives you more power to look for multiple data assets / data assets you are not sure of
    • Can find: detailed property-level information (courtesy of super-structured, precise filing system)
    • For more info you can see this post: filter your data like a boss

If you have any questions or if anything is unclear, add your comments below, and will update in the post.

Good luck with the deals!

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