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Organic search CRE

Organic search results are those website hits from users who find you on the web through normal search.

Such results excludes paid-for search hits.

For example, I type in “properties for sale” in Google. The search results that come back from Google are divided into two:

  1. Paid search results: Search results with the word “Ad” next to it
  2. Organic search results: Search results without the word “Ad” next to it

On those web search results that don’t have the word “Ad” alongside, my click will reflect as a “hit” for that particular site’s organic results.

Accordingly, how websites display on a search result is a function of how optimised they are to appear in Google search results (i.e. SEO) – see article here. The better websites rank for specific search terms, the better their results will be.

This is probably one of the easier SEO-relevant terms to get your head around!

Here is more information courtesy of Google.

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