CRE Dictionary

CRE Dictionary
Metric One acre is equal to 4,046.86 square meters. In other words, a square 63 meters by 63 meters will cover the area of an acre. One acre makes up 0.405…
Agency obligations CRE
CRE Dictionary
Agency (and obligations)
An agency is a relationship created when one person or entity, the customer, delegates to another, the agent, the right to act on the customer’s behalf. An agency gives rise to…
CRE anchor tenant
CRE Dictionary
Anchor tenant
An anchor tenant is your larger retailer who takes up a lot of floor space. Being larger users, anchor tenants generally possess a strong covenant. Possessing a strong covenant, bringing…
Application programming interface
CRE Dictionary
API is the abbreviation for an application programming interface. In simple terms it is an “electronic handshake” between two systems. This electronic handshake defines a “common language” for the systems…
Google's average session duration
CRE Dictionary
Average session duration
Google’s average session duration is what it says on the tin: how long users dwell on your website page in question. The problem is that this includes sessions of 0…
Bounce rate commercial property marketing
CRE Dictionary
Bounce rate
Bounce rate is an indicator of how “sticky” your website is. A high bounce rate means that users generally come into a specific page, read or don’t read that single…
Lease deal broker commission calculation
CRE Dictionary
Broker commissions – lease deal
The below are generally-accepted commissions on leasing deals. Commissions can be subject to negotiation. Commission terms for leases longer than 12 months 5% on the first two years’ gross rental…
Capitalisation rate yield
CRE Dictionary
Cap rate
The capitalisation rate (cap rate for short), is the percentage return on a property investment (before the cost of debt funding and taxes). Similar to a price earnings ratio for…
Customer lifetime value CRE
CRE Dictionary
CLV stands for customer lifetime value. Customer lifetime value is the prediction of the net profit value now, of the entire future relationship with a customer. Establishing this value is…
What is CRES
CRE Dictionary
Corporate real estate services (CRES)
Corporate real estate service (CRES) providers are used generally by businesses whose core business is not commercial property. CRES providers thus don’t provide services to property owners (landlords) or property…
CRE covenant
CRE Dictionary
Covenant is a term that refers to a business’s creditworthiness or bank-ability. Talking specifically to CRE, tenants that are more creditworthy, reduce risk to the landlord. Low credit risk tenants…
Commercial real estate
CRE Dictionary
CRE is the abbreviation for commercial real estate. Another word for commercial real estate is commercial property. While members of the same family, commercial real estate (or commercial property) is…
CRETech South Africa
CRE Dictionary
CRETech is short for commercial real estate (CRE) technology, or commercial property technology. This term covers startups offering technologically innovative products or new business models for the CRE industry. I.e.…
Customer lifetime value CRE
CRE Dictionary
Customer lifetime value
Customer lifetime value is the prediction of the net profit value now, of the entire future relationship with a customer. The value can range in sophistication and accuracy. From a…
Data assets CRE
CRE Dictionary
Data assets
Data assets can be regarded as one version of business “gold”. (And, for such assets to be usable, they have to be uniquely identified) For example, your list of customers…
Commercial property disintermediation
CRE Dictionary
Disintermediate means to remove middlemen from a value chain by providing goods and services directly to the consumer. Examples of disintermediation: Car buying websites enabling car sellers to engage directly…
Effective interest CRE
CRE Dictionary
Effective interest
Effective interest is perhaps the truest description of interest payable by a borrower. It refers to the total annual (or monthly) cost of interest, taking into account the monthly, weekly…
Erf extent
CRE Dictionary
An erf (plural erven) is a term used in CRE to describe a piece of land owned by someone (i.e. registered in a deeds registry / office). Erf sizes are measured in…
CRE expenses included in gross rentals
CRE Dictionary
Expenses included in gross rentals
In CRE, “expenses included in gross rentals” represents those property expenses invoiced by the landlord to the tenant. These paid-ultimately-by-tenant expenses will appear as line items on the rental invoice.…
CRE expenses included in net rentals
CRE Dictionary
Expenses included in net rentals
In CRE, “expenses included in net rentals” represents those expenses covered by the landlord. The tenant will never see these expenses on an invoice. Such expenses are deducted from the…
Explicit bug software
CRE Dictionary
Explicit bug
An explicit bug is existing functionality in software that is not operating as designed or required. There is no grey area. The functionality should be doing A, and it is…
Software feature enhancement
CRE Dictionary
Feature enhancement
A software or feature enhancement is any product change or upgrade that increases software capabilities (and user value) beyond the previous state. Extra – how best to explain what you…
Geo hierarchy CRE
CRE Dictionary
Geographical hierarchy
Geographical hierarchy explains how places or properties fit together into a simple-to-understand and ordered structure. Geographical hierarchy is a common concept we use every day. The application of it is…
GLA commercial property
CRE Dictionary
GLA in CRE is an abbreviation for gross lettable area. It is generally comprised of office, warehouse, factory, or shops. High level explanation This is the space that a commercial…
Green tick Gmaven CRE
CRE Dictionary
Green ticks
Green ticks seek to solve a major problem in CRE data quality. That problem is data duplication. The green ticking of data assets allows your data assets to “talk” to…
Gross lettable area commercial property
CRE Dictionary
Gross lettable area
Gross lettable area is more commonly known in CRE by its abbreviation GLA. It is generally comprised of office, warehouse, factory, or shops. This is the space that a commercial…
CRE gross rentals
CRE Dictionary
Gross rentals
Gross rentals in CRE is (generally) the total amount paid by a tenant to a landlord, every month. Gross rental can be either be displayed as a rate per sqm…
CRE Dictionary
CRE is a game of big numbers – hectare is an efficient way of describing a large piece of land (or space). Metric One hectare is equal to 10,000 square…
CRE hierarchy
CRE Dictionary
The best concept to explain hierarchy: “parent-child”. This parent-child model explains both the levels, and the one-to-many relationship. As in a family you have one great grandmother, with many grandmothers…
CRE horse trading
CRE Dictionary
Horse trading
Horse trading is an unethical practice in CRE. It describes the instance of agents disclosing confidential information that provides one side with an unfair advantage. Agents are required to act with…
CRE implicit bug
CRE Dictionary
Implicit bug
An implicit bug is existing functionality in software that is operating as designed or required. The definition is made grey by opinions on the feature being subjective. Some users may…
Property assembly
CRE Dictionary
Land assembly
A land assembly is the end result of purchasing various smaller parcels of property to merge them into one large land parcel or property. A property assembly is a highly…
Line shop CRE
CRE Dictionary
Line shop
A line shop is a type of retail tenant, generally found in a shopping center or mall. These are the shops that live adjacent to a shopping center’s anchor shops.…
LPI code data
CRE Dictionary
LPI code
Each land parcel (for example erf) in South Africa is uniquely identified by a unique LPI code. All data assets should have unique, “real world” identifiers. This is property’s version…
CRE Dictionary
LTV is a common abbreviation in CRE. It represents a ratio – specifically the loan amount to the value of the property. The loan amount is generally the value owing to the debt funder (bank),…
Luddite CRE
CRE Dictionary
Luddite is derived from the bands of English workers who destroyed machinery, especially in cotton and woollen mills, that they believed was threatening their jobs (1811–16). Over time and with reference…
CRE Dictionary
Net promoter score
The Net Promoter Score (NPS) indicates how popular a product or service is to its customers. It is a measure of customer experience and a good predictor of business growth.…
Net rentals commercial property
CRE Dictionary
Net rentals
In CRE, net rentals represents the rental paid by a tenant for the use of her property to a landlord (aka property fund) or, if applicable, their representative (i.e. a property…
NIIH syndrome CRE software
CRE Dictionary
NIH syndrome
NIH syndrome is an acronym for not-invented-here syndrome. In software NIH is commonly referred to as reinventing the wheel (i.e. reimplementing something that is already available). NIH syndrome is based…
CRE nominal interest
CRE Dictionary
Nominal interest
Nominal interest is one way of describing interest payable by a borrower. The other way of describing interest is effective interest. Nominal interest can have the unintended effect of understating…
NPS stands for net promoter score. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) indicates how popular a product or service is to its customers. It is a measure of customer experience and…
Opportunity cost definition
CRE Dictionary
Opportunity cost
Opportunity cost is what a person sacrifices when they choose one option instead of another For a more comprehensive walk through of opportunity cost – please see this article –…
Organic search definition
CRE Dictionary
Organic search
Organic search results are those website hits from users who find you on the web through normal search. Such results excludes paid-for search hits. For example, I type in “properties…
CRE Dictionary
OTL stands for offer to lease. This is a document covering salient terms of a tenant’s lease agreement. If tenant and landlord agree on the OTL terms, next step is…
CRE Dictionary
OTP stands for offer to purchase. This is a document covering salient terms of a sale agreement. If buyer and seller agree on the OTP terms, next step is signature…
Office parking ratio
CRE Dictionary
Parking ratio
A property’s parking ratio indicates how “well-parked” a property is. Properties with a high parking ratio mean that there are more parking bays per office size. Likewise, properties with a…
What is a polygon
CRE Dictionary
A polygon is a shape with at least three straight sides and angles, and typically five or more. A triangle is the simplest polygon. Outlines on a map, creating shapes…
Pro rata commercial property
CRE Dictionary
Pro rata
To prorate (adjective pro rata) is to divide a value in proportion to some other value. Example one Security expenses are shared pro rata, based on my percentage space occupied.…
Property fund CRE
CRE Dictionary
Property fund
Other names for property fund is property owner, landlord or lessor. This player in CRE is the owner of commercial property. The primary customer of a property fund is a…
CRE property manager
CRE Dictionary
Property manager
Property managers work for property owners, and are a layer between the property owner and a tenant. Every property requires a property manager. Property managers collect the rent, and generally…
PropTech South Africa
CRE Dictionary
This is short for property technology. This term defines startups offering technologically innovative products or new business models for the real estate industry. PropTech in turn is divided into two:…
Rentable area commercial property
CRE Dictionary
Rentable area
Rentable area, in South Africa, terms, is another word for gross lettable area (or GLA). The value is expressed in either square meters or square feet. Rentable area, aka GLA,…
Commercial property SaaS
CRE Dictionary
SaaS aka Software-as-a-Service is the “new way” of providing software. It refers to all tools where delivery and licensing happen through the web via a rental. Rather than the “old…
Sale and leaseback
CRE Dictionary
Sale and leaseback deal
A sale and leaseback deal is a property transaction in which an owner both: sells her property and, as part of the same transaction, and signs a lease with the…
CRE shadow space
CRE Dictionary
Shadow space
Shadow space, also known as “phantom space”, is leased space that is not being used by the tenant. General points: The space may be “in the market” and available to…
Sub-divisible CRE
CRE Dictionary
Sub-divisible (subdivisible) in CRE refers to a single space that can be broken into two or more parts. The space can mean Land – e.g. this parcel of land, 2…
Commercial property TCO
CRE Dictionary
TCO stands for total cost of ownership. Total cost of ownership is the sum of all costs and expenses related to buying, implementing, and managing your software solutions (either directly…
Technology adoption lifecycle CRE
CRE Dictionary
Tech adoption lifecycle
The tech adoption lifecycle explains how the use of new products or innovation spreads. (Clicking on the below image will enlarge it to a reading-friendly size) Please click the above…
Commercial property TCO
CRE Dictionary
Total cost of ownership
Total cost of ownership (TCO) is the sum of all costs and expenses related to buying, implementing, and managing your software solutions (either directly or indirectly). This value includes the…
What is a triple net lease
CRE Dictionary
Triple net lease
Triple net lease is a version of a CRE lease agreement. In this particular arrangement between tenant and landlord (property owner), the tenant (lessee) agrees to pay all operating and property expenses…
What is a unique identifier
CRE Dictionary
Unique identifier
A unique identifier is that unique “code” that is assigned to a data asset. It makes this data asset unique compared to any other data asset. Even if the name…
Usable area commercial property
CRE Dictionary
Usable area
Usable area is the actual space you occupy from wall to wall. I.e. the area you would get if you paced out your offices or warehouse. (This would also include…
CRE vendor finance
CRE Dictionary
Vendor finance
Vendor finance is the scenario where a seller acts as the funder (providing debt or equity, or both) to a purchaser of her property. Trade credit, while not specific to…
weighted average lease expiry
CRE Dictionary
Weighted average lease expiry
The weighted average lease expiry (or WALE) is one single number that shows a (more relevant) average of many leases. These leases can cover one property or many properties. In…
Commercial property weighted ave
CRE Dictionary
Weighted average rental
Weighted average rental can be regarded as a more meaningful value for decision-making than an ordinary average rental. Averages are relevant when there is more than one rental value across…
White box commercial property
CRE Dictionary
A whitebox is a lettable space with a minimally finished interior. Usually it contains ceilings, lighting, plumbing, heating and cooling (HVAC), interior walls (painted or unpainted), electrical outlets, elevators, rest…
CRE zoning
CRE Dictionary
Zoning controls what a property developer can do with a piece of land. It restricts property rights and land users to specific allowable activities, permitted building heights, coverage and /…