CRE Dictionary

CRE Dictionary
Metric One acre is equal to 4,046.86 square meters. In other words, a square 63 meters by 63 meters will cover the area of an acre. One acre makes up 0.405…
CRE Dictionary
Agency (and obligations)
An agency is a relationship created when one person or entity, the customer, delegates to another, the agent, the right to act on the customer’s behalf. An agency gives rise to…
CRE anchor tenant
CRE Dictionary
Anchor tenant
An anchor tenant is your larger retailer who takes up a lot of floor space. Being larger users, anchor tenants generally possess a strong covenant. Possessing a strong covenant, bringing…
Application programming interface
CRE Dictionary
API is the abbreviation for an application programming interface. In simple terms it is an “electronic handshake” between two systems. This electronic handshake defines a “common language” for the systems…
Google's average session duration
CRE Dictionary
Average session duration
Google’s average session duration is what it says on the tin: how long users dwell on your website page in question. The problem is that this includes sessions of 0…
Bounce rate commercial property marketing
CRE Dictionary
Bounce rate
Bounce rate is an indicator of how “sticky” your website is. A high bounce rate means that users generally come into a specific page, read or don’t read that single…
Lease deal broker commission calculation
CRE Dictionary
Broker commissions – lease deal
The below are generally-accepted commissions on leasing deals. Commissions can be subject to negotiation. Commission terms for leases longer than 12 months 5% on the first two years’ gross rental…
Cap rate commercial property
CRE Dictionary
Cap rate
The capitalisation rate (cap rate for short), is the percentage return on a property investment (before the cost of debt funding and taxes). Similar to a price earnings ratio for…
Customer lifetime value CRE
CRE Dictionary
CLV stands for customer lifetime value. Customer lifetime value is the prediction of the net profit value now, of the entire future relationship with a customer. Establishing this value is…
CRE Dictionary
Corporate real estate services (CRES)
Corporate real estate service (CRES) providers are used generally by businesses whose core business is not commercial property. CRES providers thus don’t provide services to property owners (landlords) or property…