CRE Innovation

CRE Innovation

In this page we deliver, to industry thought leaders, considered industry insights and opinions. These articles aim to put you on the pulse of trends and/or help future proof your CRE business or career.

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Get the insights that CRE industry thought leaders get.

Future proof your CRE business or career, harness the winds of change, and be on the pulse of trends.

This body of work comprises opinion pieces aimed at boosting your level of CRE innovation.


  1. We genuinely love the CRE industry, and are passionate about seeing the industry be more efficient. Gmaven sees ourselves as outsourced tech, R&D and data divisions of our customers. Our customers are like partners – they rely on us to be best-of-breed in tech, innovation and data. Therefore, we take our responsibility as partners very seriously.
  2. Gmaven values fairness. We are inspired by helping the industry evolve for the better. For good professionals to rise to the top. For clients of CRE service providers to be better served. We want good to win, and integrity to be front and center of this industry.
  3. We value success, and love seeing our customers win. As a result, we get great pleasure in helping people, and love seeing our customers be more efficient.

Have you ever heard this quote?

“you should be working on your business, not in it”

Well Gmaven is lucky in that we are positioned those critical few meters above the coalface of our customers’ day to day grind. That is to say, while customers are deep in the cut and thrust of working in their business, us here are afforded a slightly higher vantage point. With our access to tech and unrelenting focus on efficiencies, Gmaven’s core business is CRE innovation.

While deep in our own business, we are blessed with the privilege of a 1,000 meter altitude on yours. So we feel duty bound to share this perspective.

Data is the oil that CRE runs on
CRE Innovation
Commercial real estate data – the specifics

We move away from vague generalities, and go into specific points on why CRE data is complex. We also unpack: Where is CRE data, what does the road ahead look like? What are CRE businesses doing about it, and how does it play out? How is the CRE industry coping (or not) now?

5 reasons CRE website projects
CRE Innovation
CRE website project? 5 reasons they fail. And how to win

We have seen more CRE website failures than we should have. These failures are expensive, time consuming and terrible for the reputation of those involved. Here is our stab at laying out the pitfalls. We unpack where things go wrong, but, most importantly provide, in our opinion, the questions to ask and actions to take to avoid failure.

Data analytics commercial real estate
CRE Innovation
10 ways data analytics reduces CRE risk

Data analytics is yet another new age buzzword that agitates eye rolling and yawns. Our belief: it has been unnecessarily complicated. The principles are intuitive and probably in use by you already. This piece simply empowers you with words and examples. Read on, and realise that you’re actually a data analytics champion now.

Geospatial CRE
CRE Innovation
Geospatial data: what, how, why

Geospatial is a new age buzzword that may seem either intimidating or irrelevant – possibly both. In reading this, you will realise its approaches and solutions are intuitive to you – the below simply gives you the words. At its heart, geospatial is an accessible tool and perspective for solving previously complex problems.

Opportunity cost CRE
CRE Innovation
What does “opportunity cost” mean for CRE

Here we attempt to apply the timeless, and immensely powerful, economic concept of opportunity cost to CRE. Using a video and story, we attempt to illustrate what a powerful efficiency lever opportunity cost can be. If you can apply the principles, we feel confident you will see the benefits in your business, and in your bank account!

Commercial property vacancies data quality
CRE Innovation
CRE brokerage listings data quality – area test

A (confidential) brokerage could not believe our published findings on a major CRE data overhaul project. The best way to establish the truth was to run a similar process on this brokerage’s “clean data”. Check our fairly startling findings below…

CRE brokerage data quality
CRE Innovation
How does your CRE brokerage’s data quality score?

Data is the oil that the CRE industry runs on. Q: How can you be sure that your brokerage engine is running smoothly? A: You check the oil. So this is what we did as a part of a (confidential) brokerage’s data migration. And we reproduced the results for you to understand where the industry bar is – for this company, and maybe yours too.

Commercial property dealmakers
CRE Innovation
Which of these 5 CRE deal makers are you?

For CRE industry outsiders, here is how to evaluate your CRE professional. For CRE deal makers, this explains the “skills that pay the bills”. We unpack what competencies you need to master in order to win in this very competitive space.