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Industry Intel and News

Data is the oil that this industry runs on. Here, for CRE industry insiders, is a collection of articles with the latest commercial real estate research, intelligence, news, research, gossip and data.

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This is your one stop page for all commercial real estate research, industry intel and gossip.

Data is the oil that the commercial real estate (CRE) industry runs on.

Here you can get all of your questions answered.

What are normal asking rentals for an area? While who are the top performing brokers in an area. When is space becoming available, and what do the supply side and demand side pressures look like. Finally, how does all of this look relative property grades, suburbs, availability dates.

Similarly, how many properties per category and area?

What does the commercial real estate’s data look like?

Commercial real estate myths busted
Industry Intel and News
7 CRE myths busted

“Evil prevails when good men stand by and do nothing”. Here is our attempt, for CRE industry outsiders in South Africa, at “pulling back the veil” on our industry. The more informed you as customer are, the easier it is to identify and work with ethical and honourable CRE professionals. Excellent service from skilled, passionate CRE professionals means better outcomes for you, and boosts your perception of our industry.

Covid and commercial real estate
Industry Intel and News
SA CRE and Covid-19: the industry’s experts talk

These are stressful times for South Africa – where we are seeing the very best and worst of human behaviour. A panel of some of SA’s top commercial real estate (CRE) industry professionals gathered on Wednesday 15 April 20 to collaborate and plot a way forward through the weeks and months ahead. This is a summary of the 75 minute session.

Industry Intel and News
Johannesburg blue chip office node performance

An efficient snapshot of South Africa’s office property market as at October 2019 – using, as a proxy for the larger industry, the performance of three blue chip nodes in Johannesburg. We also reveal two new-to-industry metrics: average space density, and performance by owner type.

Commercial property ownership office
Industry Intel and News
Who owns blue chip office in Johannesburg?

This article focuses, for the first time, on ownership of South Africa’s blue chip offices (in late 2019). We define property owner categories, then drill down into fresh new stats, broken up by owner type, such as vacancy rates and owned GLA. This fresh approach hopefully helps you efficiently see the world through a slightly different lense.

Rosebank office vacancies research
Industry Intel and News
CRE research: Rosebank office vacancies Aug 2019

Rosebank is featured in this popular research article format. In addition to the normal format we cover the performance of Africa’s first WeWork, and, for a first time, clarify definitions of vacant space. We then cover the standard nodal detail (nodal definition, snapshot, comparatives, vacancies by grade, asking gross rentals by grade and comparatives, timing of vacancies coming onstream, and deal flow!)

Bryanston 10 years from now CRE
Industry Intel and News
Bryanston offices: “before and after”, and 10 years from now

Using aerial images, we do a “before and after” on Bryanston – and explain the difference. We then lean on the expertise of a town planner to understand the current development rights available, what Bryanston will look like 10 years from now and the factors to influence it, and reference this to workers and property values. At the risk of the internet never forgetting, we even make a stab at a prediction!

Bryanston vacancies research CRE
Industry Intel and News
CRE research: Bryanston office vacancies Aug 2019

Bryanston is featured in this popular research article format. As a first we we identify Bryanston’s top 5 property owners, then move to the standard detail (nodal definition, snapshot, comparatives, vacancies by grade, asking gross rentals by grade and comparatives, timing of vacancies coming onstream, and deal flow).

Commercial property predictions 2019
Industry Intel and News
Gmaven’s 5 CRE bets for 2019

In this risk of “egg-on-face” article we try provide guidance on those industry advances we can expect to see in Africa in 2019. Hopefully we are accurate, and hopefully you, as reader, can gain some strategic advantage in seeing our CRE industry through this lense.