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PropTech Tips

Practical technology tips for advanced CRE professionals. The objective with these articles: upskill and get the competitive edge using tech, be more efficient – and make more money.

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For technologists. PropTech tips from the basics to more advanced. Learn from the mistakes of others, add to the community’s knowledge, and save time by building smart.

This section of our blog represents our attempt at “give back”. All of the articles here are in response to issues we have had. In solving these issues and answering our questions, we hope we can do the same for you.

For example, the definition of software provider-caused issues, as separate from implicit bugs or user-desired enhancements is a subtle, but significant attempt at reducing user angst. This is a definite member of the PropTech tips family – innovation challenges are as much human as they are technical.

In another article, while the human upskilling of your back office may belong more to innovation, freeing up humans from “hands work”, creates fertile condition for “head work”. And more head work leads to adoption of more efficient ways of being. Which leads to reaching out and stretching towards tech tools. I.e. liberating humans from inefficiency is a critical first step in PropTech.

Our attempt at the old classic, unpacking the poorly-understood world of SEO, is a big attempt at knowledge sharing. We thought we knew SEO, but realised our understanding was only superficial. It also explained why we scored poorly, and had been exploited in the past. Never again for us, and hopefully never for you too 🙂

Commercial property back office efficiencies
PropTech Tips
6 ways your CRE back office can be your secret weapon

The days of your back office salary being a grudge purchase are over! As tech automates increasing levels of “hands work” away, these efficient team members, who (crucially) understand CRE, can move into the “head work” that makes your business more competitive. This article explains how.

SEO defined
PropTech Tips
What is SEO? Your no-BS answers here

This article aims to simplify SEO, make you comfortable around all the buzzwords and jargon, and prevent you from getting ripped off. We give you the three ways to make your site search engine friendly aka SEOptimised, and work harder for you. Once the basics are in place, only then do we talk about how to make Google richer than it already is.

PropTech Tips
Tech frustrations! Explicit or implicit bug, enhancement – why should you care?

Here we segment issues that users of tech encounter into their two families. Reading this will deliver efficiencies, in helping you identify whose neck to throttle. We then unpack tech’s various personas, and unpack how these personas interact with tech. Why? Some users are comfortable to live with innovative tech’s trade-offs, while others are decidedly not. Read this article to find out what your tech persona is.