Feature enhancement

Feature enhancement CRE

A software or feature enhancement is any product change or upgrade that increases software capabilities (and user value) beyond the previous state.

Extra – how best to explain what you want

In order to achieve <your business value desired>, as a <what type of user>, I want <your desired functionality / ability>

And then, most importantly, explain why. So I / because I <what value / advantage / time saving it will give you>

If your feature can be accompanied by acceptance criteria, detailed below, this is most helpful too

Given <some context> [and] <some context>

When <your action> [and] <your action>

Then <your desire outcome> [and] <your desired outcome>

Advanced – feature classification


These features provide satisfaction when provided, but do not cause dissatisfaction when not available. For example: getting a free dinner from a hotel.


These features are expected. If available, users are neutral. If not available, or done poorly, users are dissatisfied. For example: a bed in a hotel room.


These are features that customers are generally oblivious to. For example: the material of a hotel’s window frames.


These features have a reverse quality – some customers may be dissatisfied by their existence. For example, a security code for your hotel room in addition to a room card. While the intention is to protect the user, if they forget the code, this creates pain and frustration. Not good for your net promoter score!

For more reading, reference the Kano model

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