CRE dictionary

Here is our attempt, a work in progress, at the ultimate CRE dictionary.

It is our goal (please see here) to improve the reputation of this industry. This is good for consumers of the CRE industry (i.e. most businesses), and great for the hard-working, passionate and skilled CRE professionals who work in this industry.

One of the ways of doing this is to share knowledge so that our customer’s customers are better informed. Better informed, more knowledgeable and discerning consumers of CRE services raises the bar for the industry.

This CRE dictionary (with some other terms thrown in) is part of Gmaven’s mission for good, and is aligned with our values. Our objective: a single repository of industry jargon, explained (hopefully in simple terms) improves the ability of industry outsiders to evaluate CRE professionals.

We hope you enjoy learning about this wonderful industry. And we hope, through our efforts in this CRE dictionary and your learning, you end up making better decisions. Better CRE decisions to help you business. And better decisions in selecting professional, competent and passionate CRE service providers who can be of value to you.