Month: Feb 2019

Month: Feb 2019

Commercial property Sandton office vacancies
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CRE research: Sandton vacancies Mar 2019

Sandton is featured in the first of this now-popular research article format. We walk you through the following CRE data points: nodal definition, snapshot, comparatives, vacancies by grade, asking gross rentals by grade and comparatives, timing of vacancies coming onstream, and deal flow.

Gmaven vacancies data feed
Upskilling in CRE
What is the Gmaven data feed?

We explain the mechanics of this novel, industry-changing efficiency-boosting solution to you. For starters, it is near impossible, given the volumes, velocity and variety of vacancies, for humans (without specialist tools) to manage the data. We give you the data behind this. Then we dig into the detail, and address commonly-asked questions.