What is the Gmaven data feed?

We explain the mechanics of this industry-changing efficiency-boosting solution to you. For starters, it is near impossible, given the volumes, velocity and variety of vacancies, for brokerages (without specialist tools) to manually manage the data. We give you the data behind this. Then we dig into the detail, and address commonly-asked questions.
Gmaven vacancies feed

There is a better way for brokers, and brokerages

Commercial property vacancies for South Africa are now fed by Gmaven, from the property owner or manager’s vacancy schedules, direct into broker systems!

Digitise vacancy feed

How? From vacancy schedules being sent, they will be in  your system in a maximum of 3 days. At an unheard of 99% level of data accuracy.

What info do I get? Properties, property images, property co-ordinates, property attributes/features, vacant units (asking rentals, expenses, TIAs, parking bays etc.), property owner info, contact info.

Why? Vacancies data is at high levels, and the  info is changing around 70% month on month. The Gmaven data feed improves vacancies data quality manually handled. Data is more accurate, more complete, and “richer”.

Gmaven data feed

If you want to learn more about the Gmaven data feed, feel free to set up a walk through

So what will I do with my free time?


A. Do more deals. Focus on the work you are good at. Impress potential tenants with your hard-to-compete-against, near-complete menu of high quality space options.

B. Use your free time to reach out to property owners and tenants. Build out your private vacancies information: private landlord stock, sub-leasing stock and other shadow space.

C. Work with your colleagues to a) improve your valuable custom data: images, property attributes, property descriptions, even tenants on properties, and b) catch up on all those “not urgent but important” projects you now have time to attack. With this efficiency, you are freed up to take your business to the next level.

For your back office team – their time is now unlocked. They turn into your secret weapon. These skilled team members can now focus energies on these 6 higher value parts of the business.

Why the need?

Data is the oil that the CRE industry runs on. Your time is precious. And customers rely on you to acquire, manage and maintain all the vacancies inventory, without error, and be able to provide it to them efficiently.

Keeping track of this amount of data, without errors and within acceptable time frames, is enormously complicated. It’s expensive to do it in-house.

And it’s risky.

Here are the results of “before photo” analyses done on other (good) brokerages in SA:

Here is the hard data on an average (confidential) brokerage’s data quality –>

A brokerage couldn’t believe us – so we tested their data for them. These are the results: –>

In summary

Leaning on a specialist data provider to do this helps you operate more efficiently, and automate your sales processes.

This helps shorten deal cycles, reduces admin, and lets you do more deals.

For more detail on the vacancy feed “how”, please see this link.

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