Upskilling in CRE

Upskilling in CRE

Commercial property CRM is the silver bullet for commercial real estate (CRE) professionals.

Why? CRE professional are highly skilled people, and their time is money. As a result, every second is precious. Therefore, time spent doing manual work and admin is wasted time.

Yes the CRE industry is backward. But we know it is also complicated. In fact we can tell you it is very complicated.

Because clients are used to the speed of other industries, they expect quick turnarounds from their trusted advisors. Therefore CRE professionals need to analyse lots of CRE data fast. And they need tools that can transform all this information in a simple-to-read and understand report.

We believe that the computer needs to do the work. CRE CRM tools provide the ability for this to happen. For processes that normally take hours or minutes to happen in seconds using button clicks.

Commercial property CRM makes this happen. We believe it helps users be more professional.

As a result, we believe it helps CRE professionals win.

CRE professionals range from brokers to CRES providers to property managers to valuers.


Gmaven vacancies feed
Upskilling in CRE
What is the Gmaven data feed?

We explain the mechanics of this industry-changing efficiency-boosting solution to you. For starters, it is near impossible, given the volumes, velocity and variety of vacancies, for brokerages (without specialist tools) to manually manage the data. We give you the data behind this. Then we dig into the detail, and address commonly-asked questions.

Upskilling in CRE
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