LPI code

LPI code CRE

Each land parcel (for example erf) in South Africa is uniquely identified by a unique LPI code.

All data assets should have unique, “real world” identifiers. This is property’s version of the ID or passport number for humans, or CIPC number for businesses.

An LPI code is a title deed summarised into 21 digits.

The 21 digits are made up as follows

  • First letter: relevant Surveyor General’s (SG) office
  • Next 3 letters: major region within the SG office
  • Then 4 numbers: minor region associated to a town (or farm)
  • Next 8 numbers: erf or farm number
  • Followed by 5 numbers: portion number of land parcel in erf or farm

This link here contains an excellent description of the determination of the LPI code.

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