CRE unique identifier

Unique identifier

A unique identifier is that unique “code” that is assigned to a data asset. It allows this data asset to be identified differently to any other data asset. Even if the name and all other “outside” information is made the same, that data asset or record can still be separately identified.

An everyday example of the application of unique identifiers… Think about the identity of someone who gets married and chooses to take their partner’s last name. In doing so their last name changes. Based on name, they are now, technically, unidentifiable. But their identity number remains the same. And thus life carries on without chaos.

Examples of unique identifiers for data assets in CRETech

  • Properties: LPI code (often complemented by co-ordinates)
  • Contacts: ID number or social security number or passport number
  • Organisations: CIPC code or DUNS number for businesses, PBO number for NGOs, trust number for trusts etc.
  • Units: the property fund’s unique identifier (bound to a property)
  • Vehicle: VIN or chassis number

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