Usable area

Usable area CRE

Usable area is the actual space you occupy from wall to wall. I.e. the area you would get if you paced out your offices or warehouse.

(This would also include structural walls and columns that are to the inside of the space perimeter, aka internal dominant face)

Insider tip

This value is less than rentable area or GLA.

A landlord generally charges rent on

  • your rentable area or GLA and
  • relevant supplementary area (see below),

and not your (smaller) usable area value.

Where a tenant leases an entire floor or several floors, the usable area would include the hallways/corridors and ablutions exclusively serving their floor(s). Otherwise it would exclude this communal space.

Usable area normally excludes the space types below (normally included in GLA):

  • “Linked areas” (aka remote common areas integral to building) such as
    • Changing rooms, guard houses, ablutions, cleaners’ cupboards
    • Plant rooms, lift motor rooms, maintenance rooms
    • Canteen, day care facilities, fitness areas and prayer rooms

More advanced

Out of interest, GLA also excludes:

  • Other areas
    • Supplementary area – rent attracting (but not expense attracting)
      • Storage (office), terrace, yard, parking areas (generally rented on a per-bay basis)
    • Supplementary area – not rent attracting (and not expense attracting)
      • Balcony, decks, patios
  • Not supplementary area (neither space rent nor expense attracting)
    • Lawn, external car parking, equipment yards, cooling equipment

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