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Adding a business in under 15 seconds

Adding a business in under 15 seconds

Your time is important, and the computer must do the work. This post explains how you can efficiently add businesses fast, growing your data assets, at low risk of data quality issues.

Couple ways to do this
  1. Create organisation or business from businesses page
  2. Create organisation or business anywhere in system from action button
  3. Add an organisation or business as part of the leasing lead process flow
  4. Adding an owner, manager or legal owner to a property
  5. Adding a contact and assigning that contact to a business or organisation
  6. Adding a lease on a property – that lease is connected to a business or organisation
Hidden data quality measures

Gmaven’s anti-duplication measures prevent you from creating data work debt. If a business / organisation has already been added, simply choose “Navigate to business.

“Import business” brings a green-ticked business in from Gmaven’s master data

  • Only use the business or organisation’s trading name – no legal suffixes
  • To save time when adding a business or organisation, telephone and website are optional field

Good luck with the deals!

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