Sales deals mastery – buyer POV

Upskilling in CRE

Sales deals mastery – buyer POV

More efficient sales deals

Your time is important, and the computer must do the work. This post explains how Gmaven can help you efficiently add and run your sales deals – including brochure generation.

Please note: the system is constantly being developed. You will definitely see certain or many parts of the system that have evolved or been upgraded in line with our users’ valued feedback. We’ve come a long way 🙂

This video walks you through the following:

  1. Where in the system to find your sales deals
  2. How to create a sales deal using your quick action button. Adding a business is covered in more detail here.
  3. How to enter tenant’s deal criteria – space range, property category type, area
  4. Two ways to link properties to your buyer’s enquiry
    1. Typing in criteria and using Gmaven’s search – choosing, from the list results, the properties you want added
    2. Manually adding properties by searching them by name
  5. Search filtering
    • Not covered in video: how to add more filters to your search
    • Tip: widening searching for properties that aren’t in the public domain
  1. Moving properties to turned down or short list
  2. Not covered: how to do property inspections online (by viewing property details), together with your clients at longlist phase – to identify non-starters and save you from time-inefficient property inspections
  3. Marking deal progress steps – at both the buyer and property levels of a transaction
  4. Introduced concept of lead property
  5. Not covered: how to generate a sales deal short list (buyer POV)
  6. Calculation of your sales commission (using standard value bands, flat fees, or more exotic transaction models, such as an increased percentage above a certain value)
    • Explanation of how to update your default sales deal commissions under Settings
  7. Assistance with adding properties or units for sale (note both cases within the same property can be handled)
    • Explanation of difference between a property for sale, and a unit for sale (as part of a sectional title or strata scheme)
    • Handling marketing of properties or units for sale using private stock


  • When typing property sales values – remember, to save time, the value is already set in millions. So to type in a property for sale at R105.6M, simply type in 1 + 0 + 5 + . + 6 (no need to try count out 000000s)
  • This covers both searches on property and sectional title units
  • As you walk through a deal, it will update automatically on your deal pipeline
  • Check out the hints and detail to steer less experienced members of your team through a process

Good luck with the deals!

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