Awesome client presentations, fast

Upskilling in CRE

Awesome client presentations, fast

Awesome client presentations, done fast and well

This post provides guidance on how you can visualise your data for use in presentations. Your presentations can even be done together with clients, in real time. No need for death-by-Powerpoint!

3 data views

You can show your data assets in list view. This format is ideal for showing a lot of information and easy sorting, but isn’t pretty.

A second option is to use grid view. Image rich, you can also view certain information on the data assets by mousing over them.

Thirdly, map view shows your (geo-located) information on a map. You have various options here – grouped markers, heat maps, bubble view and changing colours.

At all times you can navigate away to the individual data asset by clicking on it. If you would like to stay in your current view, and open your data asset in a new tab, simply right click on the link and select the “Open link in new tab” option.

Slicing and dicing

This can all be used alongside Gmaven’s natural querying language tool, which allows you to slice and dice your data. To learn more, you can check out this link: filter your data like a boss.

Enjoy, and good luck with the deals!

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