Settings, personalising your system

Upskilling in CRE

Settings, personalising your system

Customising CRM for commercial property / CRE

This post and 3 minute video explores all the ways you can customise you or your team’s Gmaven experience.

Settings are generally once-off actions you take – whether it is updating your address, mobile and landline, or adding your own map marker.

Accessing your settings is the hardest part – after that it’s fairly self explanatory.

The purposes of settings is to prevent you having to do repetitive work. That is, change things once, and every time afterwards the system uses your changes.

  • This is one of the few parts in Gmaven where you need to “press save”. Remember to save, otherwise your changes to settings will be lost
  • For the most part, where relevant, you can over-ride default settings
  • Some settings affect only your Gmaven account – those settings under the “Profile settings” tab
  • Other settings affect all other users in Gmaven – those settings under “Report settings” and “System settings”
Functionality sitting in settings
  • Only your account – non-obvious fields
    1. Employer details for use in generation of documents (like mandates, brochures etc.)
    2. Ability to toggle between display alternatives – either show weighted average rentals or “top and bottom” values
  • Your team’s account – non-obvious fields
    1. Property brochure types – between old style or new (you can always change this when running the brochure)
    2. Standard brochure terms and conditions
    3. Default leasing and sales mandate terms
    4. Days between deal steps – for identifying whether deals are in trouble or not (Because no two deals are the same, these timings can always be over-ridden on the specific deal)
    5. Default sales deal commissions
    6. Default settings for lease expiry reminders

Good luck with the deals!

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