Commercial real estate

CRE is the abbreviation for commercial real estate.

Another word for commercial real estate is commercial property.

While members of the same family, commercial real estate (or commercial property) is not the same as residential property.

Commercial real estate comprises the following primary property categories:

  • Shopping centres or retail (including malls, high street shops, factory shops, quick service restaurants etc.)
  • Industrial (including warehouses, factories, distribution centers, mini warehouses etc.),
  • Offices (aka commercial), and
  • Other – covering education, hospitality (hotels), healthcare (encompassing hospitals and clinics), service stations, stadia, airports, public assets such as police and fire stations, and power-generation facilities.

CRE forms the prefix for terms such as CRETech or CREdata. In turn, as with CRE, CRETech lives inside of the larger PropTech family.

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