Organisation legal name

Organisation legal name CRE

An organisation legal name or business legal name is the name that the business is legally registered under. This name is different to the trading as name. Generally each organisation is assigned a unique identifier (or legal entity identifier) – be it a series of numbers, numbers and letters, or combination of numbers and letters.

The term organisation is an umbrella term for the following entities capable of signing leases with landlords: companies, trusts, public benefit or non-profit organisations, educational institutions, and even sole proprietors.

List of company registries

The following company registries regulate and manage companies at a per-country level

In certain instances, the management of company registries may be done at a state or provincial level (instead of a national level) – this is how the following countries are structured

  • Brazil,
  • Canada,
  • China,
  • Mexico,
  • United States.

For a comprehensive list of company registries, please see Wikipedia

Note the above ignores the broader organisation legal name environment. Trusts, public benefit organisations etc. are generally handled in separate registries. It is very seldom that a centralised and integrated organisation legal name database is managed by a country.

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