Property legal owner

Property legal owner definition

The property legal owner is that entity/those entities reflected as property owners on the title deed.

Oftentimes a property legal owner is a “shelf company” – a separate legal entity from the holding company.

For more information on property ownership in commercial real estate (CRE), please see here.

Deeds registration and property ownership is controlled and managed by a land or property registry. This economic function falls, generally, under the control of a government agency or department. It provides evidence of title, facilitates transactions and prevents unlawful disposal. The information recorded and the protection provided varies by jurisdiction. Further, depending on the country’s legislation, this legal entity may be a trust, a company or some other juristic entity with a legal personality.

Property ownership is proven via a title deed, deed of ownership, or Torrens title document. This document also defines the rights, obligations, or mortgages and covenants on the property.

Here is a listing of various countries and their land registration systems.

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