Property fund

Property fund CRE

Other names for property fund is property owner, landlord or lessor.

This player in CRE is the owner of commercial property.

The primary customer of a property fund is a tenant. Tenants pay rent, which is where a property fund’s revenues come from.

A property fund is the party responsible for making a) leasing and b) buy or sell decisions on properties.

Avoiding confusion

While property funds can choose to manage the properties they own, not all property owners are also property managers. (Some property owners outsource the role of property management)

Property owners are also not property brokers. Brokers bring tenants to property owners or their property managers, but they are not employed by the property funds.

More on property funds

There are various types of property funds

  • Vanilla
    • Listed property funds (REITs such as Growthpoint, Redefine, US)
    • Private property funds
  • Non-vanilla
    • Life houses (such as Old Mutual, MMI, Liberty)
    • Owner-occupiers

Workers in property funds who interact with tenants, can have the following titles

  • Asset manager
  • Leasing consultant
  • Broker liaison

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