Unit ID

Unit ID CRE definition

A unit ID is the unique identifier for a property unit or listing.

In the same way that a person has a name, a unit ID is the unit’s name.


A unit will be unique for that property. Thus the combination of a unit name and property name will always be unique. However, the specific unit ID, divorced from its property parent,  may not be unique across a portfolio.

For example

  • A property, property XX, is made up uniquely-named Units A, B and C
  • However there may be 5 “Unit A”s across the portfolio. E.g. Property XX has a Unit A, Property YY has a Unit A, Property ZZ has a Unit A etc.

Units living within a property

As with a person’s first name and last name, a unit ID can contain extra data that explains more information about it. Units generally have a many to one relationship with the property they are located inside of it. Units may thus be nested inside of a property hierarchy. The property-specific hierarchy may address layers such as

  • Property layer
  • Building layer
  • Component layer

Thus a unit name may also sometimes contain floor, component or building information too.

(Further to the hierarchy above, units are also the parent to complex spaces, in a one-to-many relationship)

Uses of a unit ID

  • Enables that unit to be referenced through to a specific section detailed on a floor plan layout
  • Used to bind a lease to a property
  • Explains the part of a property that is vacant
  • Allows space information to be bound to a stacking plan

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