Adding a listing or unit in under 20 seconds

Adding CRE listings or units in under 20 seconds

Your time is important. No one else does this CRE listings process faster than Gmaven, at this level of quality.

This post and 85 second video explains how you can efficiently add listings fast – growing your data assets, at (importantly) low risk of data quality issues.

What the wizard does
  1. Lets you mark whether the unit is a sub-lease
  2. Auto-populates fields (e.g. gross and net rentals, expenses etc. captured by you at the property (parent) level)
  3. Allows you to over-ride auto-populated field values
  4. Auto-create a unit marketing heading description with one click
Hidden data quality measures

Gmaven’s anti-duplication measures prevent you from creating data work debt. If that unit has already been added and you use the same unit ID, the system will warn you.

  • If you are adding multiple units on the property, and you don’t want to navigate away: on the final step, before clicking “Create unit”, select the “Create another”
  • If your unit web ref is still automatically generated and you want to see it, click the refresh button in Gmaven
  • For brokers, green-ticked units are those added by the property fund / manager or Gmaven (from vacancy schedules) for you

Good luck with the deals!

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